HIL Fund

Investing is Student Entreneurship

The HIL Fund was founded by the University of Haifa, through the HIL-Haifa Innovation Labs. The fund is operated in cooperation with the Fresh Fund venture capital fund, and its purpose is to support projects of current students and graduates.

The fund is run by students, for the benefit of students, and will accompany you on your first steps in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The support package includes initial funding and professional guidance.

?Do you have an idea for an innovative venture
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?What will you get from the Fund

A financial investment

The fund supports student projects with the amount of up to NIS 15,000

Knowledge is power

We believe that with the help of enough knowledge and tools, anyone can develop an enterprise
Here you will get them

Fund Ventures

2nd Cohort: Summer 2020

3rd Cohort: Autumn 2020-2021


Analyst Training Course
"Entrepreneurship from an Investor's Perspective"

Analyst Training Course – "Entrepreneurship from an Investor's Perspective"

The fund's team is led by talented students in a training course for analysts – "Entrepreneurship from the Investor's Perspective".

The course is delivered once a year under the leadership of a Fresh.Fund Venture Capital Fund together with the team of Innovation Laboratories in Haifa (HIL), with the aim of exposing students to the world of investments.

As part of the course, students acquire diverse skills and are given the opportunity to apply for the position of analyst at the HIL Fund.

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Fund Staff

Analyst Staff

Yifat Ber-Grosman

Lian Vanunu

Yvonne Sherman


  • Students studying for a bachelor's or master's degree at the University of Haifa
  • University graduates who have not yet passed two years from the graduation date.
  • They need to have an idea for a social or technological-business venture, at an early stage.

The process includes four steps:

  1. Submit a proposal in response to a call. Twice a year you will have the option to submit applications.
  2. Personal interviews for initial screening of proposals.
  3. Proposals that have passed this stage will be submitted to a jury chaired by the Foundation's staff.
  4. Selection of projects.
  5. The ventures will be accompanied by the fund staff and the Fresh.Fund Venture Capital Fund for half a year.

We believe that the transfer of intellectual property to students is essential to encourage entrepreneurship.

The University has approved an exemption from the Intellectual Property (IP) of undergraduate and graduate students, in a thesis-free track.

That is, the venture remains yours.

* Master's degree students with a thesis and / or doctoral students will be required to obtain a special permit.

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